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First drone bar in France, in Rennes

This is probably the first time in France, and it happens in Rennes! LipoLoop opened its doors in Lorient, Rennes, 20 minutes from the hotel Kyriad Rennes Sud. Its specificity? It's a drone bar.

A unique place to discover during your stay

You think, perhaps, that this is a place where servers have been replaced by drones, flying or terrestrial, to provide the service. That might be the case, but not ! Let's discover.

Jesse Rabu and Mehdi Boussaïd are both men at the initiative of this concept for the least original pitch they as follows: "The LipoLoop is a bar in which, besides drinking a glass, we can especially practice FPV in a specially arranged space. "
FPV is a technology that means "First Person View" or "First Person View" for the less English-speaking of us. In other words, the art of flying a drone that if you were on board!

At LipoLoop, you can drink and treat yourself to wild races with friends. Strong sensations guaranteed!

Drink a cocktail to give yourself courage and put on your virtual reality headset to start the race. The drones are equipped with a video mini-camera whose images are transcribed in real time in the pilot's helmet. The impression of speed is unbelievable and the experience is really explosive.

A flight area of ​​250 m²

Choose your drone: a mini aerial quadricopter, very fast and super agile, or a small land vehicle then enter the 250m² driving room, adjacent to the bar from which it is separated by a bay window.

Sit back on your gamer seat and discover the science fiction-inspired driving room. Inside, a circuit materialized by luminous obstacles: rings, slalom stakes, ramps, circles, etc.

"We needed a space big enough that we found Lorient road," explains Jesse Rabu, already manager of the WarpZone bar in Rennes, dedicated to the practice of e-sports.

The drone race, fashion effect or real future trend?

It does not seem but the drone race is a sport that is gaining ground in France and is attracting more and more people. The advantage? No need to have the fitness of a top athlete to participate, it is accessible to everyone, from 7 to 77 years, girls and boys. "You just have to be able to sit and press buttons," says Mehdi Boussaïd.

LipoLoop is open from Tuesday to Friday from noon to 10 pm, on Saturdays from 2 pm to 1 am, and on Sundays from 2 pm to 10 pm

As for drones driving sessions, they are from €4 session. A very affordable price for new sensations. For drinks, we let you discover the menu.

So, this is a place you should visit or even better during your stay at the Kyriad Rennes South Hotel.

Discover the LipoLoop video and follow their news on their Facebook page.

Swamp Street
35132 Vezin-le-Coquet
07 68 31 48 59

Photo credits: © Lipoloop / Facebook
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